Water Meter

                A water meter is a device that measures the amount of water a consumer is using. Most developed countries use water meters to measure the amount of water used by a commercial or residential building. They can also be used in a well, source of water, or water system to determine the flow of water through a specific part of the system. Different types of water meters are currently being used. However, the option depends on the accuracy requirements, the required flow rates, the end-user, and the flow measurement method.

Product Details:

Surface Treatment Epoxy Powder Coated
Diameter 15 mm – 50 mm
Application Industrial, Agricultural
Material Plastic Body, Stainless Steel

There are several ways to read a water meter, including:

  • direct reading
  • Remote reading, which is accomplished via an electronic signal using a wire, where anyone can read directly or touch.
  • Touch read or plug-in reading that employs a handheld device that receives an electronic signal by touching a remote station or plug-in. The signal is then translated into readings that are stored in the handheld device.
  • Automatic meter reading, in which the meter reader receives readings via radio transmission.


  • It detects water leakage in the distribution networks
  • It classifies potential well, pump or irrigation system problems
  • It determines the efficiency of a water plant for water supply.


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