Products Details:

Surface Treatment Epoxy Powder Coated
Diameter 15 mm – 50 mm
Application Industrial, Agricultural
Material Plastic Body, Stainless Steel



  •  It detects water leakage in the distribution networks
  • It classifies potential well, pump or irrigation system problems.
  • It determines the efficiency of a water plant for water supply.

Saitech Flow Instruments & Control provide best quality Water meters. It work by measuring the flow of water passing through them in units such as gallons or cubic meters. There are different types of water meters, including mechanical meters that use gears, dials, or turbines to measure water flow, and digital meters that use electronic sensors and displays.


What is water meter?


A water meter is a device used to measure the volume of water that flows through a water supply system. It is typically installed by water utilities or municipalities at the point of connection where water enters a building or property.


Application Areas of Water meter


Water meters are devices used to measure the amount of water consumed by households, businesses, and other entities. They are widely used in various


    •  Water meters are commonly used in residential buildings to measure water consumption for billing purposes. They help homeowners and tenants keep track of their water usage and encourage water conservation.


    •  They are used in commercial buildings, such as offices, hotels, and restaurants, to measure water usage for billing and operational purposes. They help businesses monitor and manage their water consumption, which can impact their operating costs and sustainability efforts


    •  Water meters are used in industrial facilities, such as manufacturing plants and factories, to measure water usage for process and production purposes.


    •  Accurate water metering helps industries optimize their water consumption, monitor process efficiency, and comply with regulatory requirements.


    •  Water meters are used in agricultural settings, such as farms and irrigation systems, to measure water usage for irrigation purposes. They help farmers manage their water resources efficiently, avoid overwatering or under-watering, and reduce water waste.


    •  They are used by water utilities to measure water consumption for billing purposes and to manage water resources. They provide accurate data for billing customers, detecting leaks, and managing water distribution networks.


    •  They are used by local governments and municipalities to monitor and manage water usage in public facilities, such as parks, swimming pools, and community centers. They help municipalities track water consumption, identify areas of high water usage, and implement water conservation measures.


    •  They are used in environmental monitoring programs to measure water quality parameters, such as pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. They are used in research, monitoring, and management of natural water bodies, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans, to assess water quality and ecosystem health.


SaitechFlow Instruments & Control also provides different types of flow meters and services in pune, Maharashtra. which is widely used in residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, utility, municipal, environmental monitoring, emergency response, and smart city settings to measure, monitor, and manage water consumption for various purposes, including billing, resource management, and sustainability efforts.

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