Products Details:

Operating Temperature Max 100 Degree C
Junction Box IP65
Coil Housing C.S, SS
Operating Pressure 40 kg/ cm2
Approx Price Rs 15,000 /Unit
Category Flow Meters

SaitechFlow Instruments & Control provide best quality Water flow meter measures the amount of water flowing through your pipes, giving you valuable information about your usage patterns and potential leaks.

What is Water flow meter?

A water flow meter is a device that can measure the amount of water flowing through a pipe. There are various water meter technologies to choose from, depending on your water consumption, economic situation, and housing situation


Types of Water flow meter


    •  Mechanical Flow Meter – The most common and economical type of water flow meter is the mechanical water flow meter, which measures flow due to turbine rotation in a propeller, shunt, or paddle wheel design.


    •  Vortex Flowmeter – A vortex water flowmeter uses vortices emitted from a sensor immersed in the flow. A vortex is a force of nature, a “vortex” that occurs when a fluid passes through an obstacle.


  •  Magnetic Flowmeters – Magnetic flowmeters use a magnetic field to measure the velocity of fluids flowing through pipes to measure volumetric flow.


Application area of water flow meter


A water flow meter is a device used to measure water flow in a variety of applications. They are widely used in many different industries and fields where accurate measurement of water flow is essential. Common uses for water flow meters include:


    •  Water flow meters are commonly used in water utilities to measure water flow in municipal water systems. They help you accurately bill your water usage, monitor your water distribution network, and identify leaks and water losses in your system.


    •  It helps monitor and control water usage in these processes, optimize production efficiency, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.


    •  They are used in agricultural applications to measure water flow in irrigation systems. It helps farmers and farmers effectively manage water resources, optimize irrigation schedules, and save water.


  •  Water flow meters are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to measure water flow in heating and cooling circuits. It helps optimize energy consumption, balance system performance and maintain building comfort.

SaitechFlow Instruments & Control also provides different types of flow meters and services in pune, Maharashtra. Water flow meter is commonly installed in water supply lines to monitor water usage, detect leaks, and raise water conservation awareness among local residents and residents. These are just a few of the many areas where water flow meters can be used. They are widely used in various industries, sectors and environments where accurate measurement of water flow is required.


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