Full Bore Flow Meter

We Saitech Flow Industries are leading manufacturer of electromagnetic flow meter -full bore from India.The Saitech make Electromagnetic Flow Meter is termed as MICROMAG.

Product Details:

Output Signal Pulse, 4-20 mA
Explosion Proof Yes
Temperature 200 Degree C
Display Digital

Approx Price: Rs 15,000 /Unit


These types of meters are suitable for wide range of fluid flow measurements. The meter body has no obstructions to the flowing media; hence there is absolutely no pressure loss. Therefore, these meters can be used for low operating pressure applications such as gravity flow whereas these meters can be used for pump pressure liquids as well.
The flow measurement is independent of physical properties of flowing media like viscosity, density, pressure.
These flow meters can be used for Water-treatment, Milk/ Sugar Industries, Biogas Process,Hot Water , highly corrosive chemicals (Acids) or any other dirty services where there is limitation on meter body material selection.

The measurement of these meters is not affected by any suspended solid impurities / particles as long as minimum conductivity of 5 6Siemens / cm is present in flowing media. Finally, it measures true volumetric flow rate.
For acquiring complete customer satisfaction, we are also offering Advanced Microprocessor based Flow Indicator Totaliser which displays both TOTAL flow and Flow Rate on LED/LCD.
Our range of products also includes Mechanical Flow meters/ Water Meters, Turbine, PDFlow meters, Rota meters etc. Our company also deals with various types of Temperature,pressure and level measuring instruments used in process industries.


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